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We have GSM numbers sorted into the 36 states in  Nigeria including FCT Abuja and up to 90% active phone lines with periodical updates of people living  and working in Nigeria. Reaching many people on the  go has been simplified since the advent of bulk sms,  you can now reach any one that has mobile phone and  companies and organization leverage on it to advertise  their goods, services and events. But the problem  most time is getting active phone numbers that will enable you reach the right people that are your target audience. 


Why do you need GSM Numbers

  • Effective advertisement?
  • To Give your business an edge over others?
  • To step up your political campaigns?
  • To boost your business sales


CGLOBESMS has the most complete database of all GSM mobile phone numbers in Nigeria. These include GSM and CDMA mobile numbers from all major networks in Nigeria. Our full database of over 81 MILLION GSM NUMBERS is classified by each state & GSM network operator and is periodically updated and we also provide you with a cheap fast & reliable bulk SMS platform to send text messages for your SMS campaign/adverts.The eighty one million GSM Dadatabse numbers of Nigerians are grouped according to states and local government, you can buy all and you also have the option to buy just a state or local government area, the numbers goes for as low as 1kobo per GSM number depending on the quantity you are buying. CostState = ₦20,000 (Quantity depends on the state in question) Nigeria = ₦100, 000 (81,000.000) numbers


In additional to our state-wide GSM database, we also offer" CLASSIC GSM NUMBER DATABASE"\which comprises of specific people in various sections, profession, business industry and groups.




Phone: +234 (808) 5726340   +234 (86995523 OR  CONTACT US


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